Times have changed. 
This is especially true in the building industry.

Homes need to be efficient, energy conscious and cost effective.

Our experience has



Coheze Construction Management Incorporated was born on November 1 2009. Although the name is new the experience is not.

Coheze Construction Management Inc. brings over 45 years of experience to
your project.  From new home construction, to home renovation and everything in between we have always been involved in a professional manner.
From design, to construction, to move in, to building maintenance we are there every step of the way.  We make realizing your dream a pleasurable experience.

We have kept current in today's construction industry by instilling traditional building practices and labor with today's sustainable and innovative products.
We are on the cutting edge of innovation, productivity and execution to promote
an efficient and environmentally friendly project. 

Your dream project is our blueprint!
We look forward to many great experiences!